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Development History

(1) 1986-1995
The Department of Business was established in 1986, being one of the three earliest departments of our university. The courses offered in the early period were mainly for the dropout social elites who have the intention of continuing study. The curriculum planning of our department includes seven categories -- management, trade, statistics, economy, finance, accounting and information.
In 1995, our department re-integrated the courses into six major categories -- management and information, trade, economy, statistics and accounting, finance and comprehensive category.
(3) 2011 till Now
Complying with our university’s course planning transformation from categories to areas, our department decided to integrate the six major categories into four major areas on the department meeting in the first semester of the 2011 school year. The transformation includes integrating partial courses of both economy and statistics and accounting into general business as well as integrating business management category and comprehensive category into enterprise management; the marketing category is expanded into the marketing area.
Currently, courses of Department of Business are classified into general business and professional business. The department professional business consists of marketing, finance and enterprise management.