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Curriculum resources

Course Selection Guideline

1. Graduation Regulation
Those who meet the following three requirements can be awarded the bachelor’s degree of business:
1. Earning 26-28 credits of university general courses.
2. Earning all the 75 credits of department courses (including the highest 30 credits of other department’s courses).
3. Earning 128 credits altogether including the above two items.

2. Course Selection Guideline
Students can plan and take courses in accordance with their career plan or interest. Our department designs curriculum guidelines in three directions, offering a reference for students who take full courses or elective courses as well as students with varied demands. The three directions including professional field oriented, life application oriented and professional qualification oriented. Please refer to the following suggestions and make plans for taking courses in combination with the scheduled curriculum table.

(1) Course selection guideline for professional field oriented
   First, it is advisable to take courses of general business and cultivate the data operation competence needed in business management, laying a solid foundation for further professional field study. Second, take courses of the two major areas: marketing and finance according to personal interest, cultivating professional skills like marketing planning competence and financial planning competence. Third, take courses of enterprise management so as to cultivate the enterprise management competence needed in the workplace.

(2) Course selection guideline for life application oriented
    This course is appropriated for those who want to acquire the common knowledge of family tax and interpersonal communication skills in the workplace.

(3) Course selection guideline for professional qualification oriented
    This course is appropriated for those who intend to obtain professional qualifications.